A New Approach: Ecological Well-Being: “One Health”


  • Aysel Kekillioğlu Nevsehir Hacı Bektas Veli University, Department of Biology, Nevsehir


Although the history of the concept of "One Health", which is on the world agenda as a new approach, dates back to the 1800s, its development process goes back to Hippocrates (370-460 BC). It will play an important role in preventing the spread of contagious diseases originating from wildlife, especially protecting wildlife, with the understanding of health based on the concept of "One Health", which is an integrated health understanding to be created between humans, animals and ecosystems. Because at its core is the protection of “Wildlife and Ecosystem Health”. 'One Health' in the world until the 2000s, "One Medicine", between 2000-2008 "One World-onehealth / One World-One Health" has been on the agenda. In the international literature, after 2008, it started to be used as "One Health". Fundamentally and deeply, the single health approach; as we can express it as the state of ecological well-being or, in a broader perspective, as “Ecological Well-being”. Ecological well-being is important for maintaining health and preventing disease. While keeping the environment healthy helps people live a healthy life, reducing ecological problems such as environmental pollution, climate change and loss of biodiversity can prevent negative effects on human health. Therefore, the relationship between ecological well-being and health requires people to protect the environment and adopt a sustainable lifestyle for a healthy future. In this study, “One Health” approach will be examined with its different dimensions, based on the idea that the healthy continuity of the whole ecosphere is the basic requirement for the continuity of human health.



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