Upload dates of presentations


Your abstract and full papers will be published as an e-book with a special ISBN number after the conference.
In addition, if our participants wish, they can have their full papers published as articles in the Turkish Agriculture - Food Science and Technology (TURJAF) journal in the special issue of TURJAF 2023, after the reviwe evaluation. It is free for abroad and 500 TL/Article for participants from Turkey.
For presentations to be published in the journal;
1. First upload date 01.10.2023, Last upload date 15.11.2023
2. It should be uploaded according to the journal spelling rules
3. All documents and information requested by the journal must be present.
4. TURJAF 2023 (Presented at the TURJAF 2023 Conference) field must be selected
5. Articles that have passed the Referee Process will be published as a special issue on December 25, 2023 at the latest.


To prepare the proceedings book on time;

1. Upload the final version of the paper to the system until September 26, 2023.
2. ORCID and E-mail information of all authors is mandatory.
3. Abstract, Short full text or full text can be uploaded.
4. For papers written in Turkish, an English abstract is mandatory.
5. Use the sample files that suit you best.